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10 Tips For Training People Online

Well, 2020 is sure turning out to be a strange year huh?  Regardless of their industry, most people have been forced to work remotely.  For …

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Feeling Sick or Swollen? Drain Your Lymph!

Overview Today’s post comes from Coach Missy, where she gives you the goods on your Lymphatic System and what to do about it: Your Lymphatic System is your waste system. Movement and Breathing assist in Lymphatic Drainage. Steps to drain …

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What is Pain?

Overview Pain is not “bad.” Pain is not “good.” It just is.  Pain is a SIGNAL. It is a communication tool to make your brain be aware.  Your knowledge about pain and your understanding of pain REALLY matter. In fact, …

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4 Steps to Improving Your Movement IQ

Movement IQ was born out of the belief that we, as humans, need to take-back control over our bodies.  You know the bodies I’m talking about – the ones that are often-injured, incapable of performing basic functions like walking and …

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Motivation Is A Neurological Skill

Having motivation is actually a neurological skill that needs to be practiced.  You always have motivation, it’s just that you may not have motivation for what you want it for.  Let’s dig in. Overview You ARE motivated What you say …

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