Back Strains w/ Joe Locascio

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments amongst Americans today.  It accounts for over 100 billion dollars in costs each year.  In today’s training, we are joined by Joe Locascio from Elite Performance Coaching to talk about what you can do if you are dealing with acute and long-term low back pain.

About Joe Locascio

Joe Locascio is at the forefront of athletic performance training with ample experience in working with youth, collegiate and professional and post-op athletes. With over 400 hours of continued certification covering neurology and biomechanics and thousands of hours of practical application, Joe has constructed an athlete-centered program that achieve the most effective results in the shortest amount of time. His 18 year background as a competitive goalkeeper justifies his program design for athletes by an athlete. It is his life’s goal to construct the most scientifically proven athletic training program with the highest rate of success. ​Joe holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, is a certified athletic performance specialist specializing in corrective exercise and training the body to perform at higher capacities. He is constantly in the books and searching for the latest research in health and athletic performance

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